An Apology and a Thank You

You know, I spend a lot of time venting about the people out there who make rude comments out of ignorance (cases in point: rant 1 and rant 2). Still, it seems that the people who suffer from these experiences and my resulting mood swings are the people who support me day to day not the people who elicit the feelings in the first place.

Sometimes my frustration at my symptoms and the world’s treatment of me because of them leads to an outburst at someone I love. Someone who only means well, but inadvertently triggers the suppressed annoyance at a bazillion other things and people.

So today I wanted to tell them that I’m sorry that happens as often as it does and I’m truly thankful for all that they do: the supportive words … the check-ins … the meals cooked … rooms cleaned … loads of laundry done when I just couldn’t muster the energy … outbursts tolerated … and, most importantly in my mind, the time spent just being there – without needing to comfort and console.

Chronic illnesses often lead to lost friendships, but they show you who your real friends are. They are there when you need them. No matter who they are or how old they are. No matter where in the world they are. No matter whether you’ve ever actually met them.




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2 responses to “An Apology and a Thank You

  1. SR,I hope your Spring "Break" went well, with taking your exams. It's hard to guide frustration into productive channels sometimes, but it's also very difficult to have an "invisible" disease, and help people understand without being defensive or seeming like you're asking for pity. I'm glad you let the salonist(?) know what was going on with you. Maybe she will think twice next time about so casually criticizing someone. That was very insensitive, not to mention unprofessional.Take care,Jaime

  2. ❤ (not sure why i have 2 accounts..maybe cuz of 2 gmail addresses?)

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