Sunday Breakfast Club: Snoop Dogg talks about his daughter Cori having lupus

During the two years that I was studying for my masters degree, I would meet two of my closest friends every Sunday morning at a local coffee shop. We’d spend an hour chatting, venting, gossiping, and catching up on our lives (or lack thereof) over bagels and coffee, before the conversations would inevitably tangent off onto random topics. I miss those chats – and the insights into my friends I’d gain through them.  So I thought I’d try to restart something along those lines on my blog. A chance to hear more from my readers… at first, I was trying to decide if I wanted something consistent: quotes/sayings, song lyrics, random current or pop culture events…. But I think it will be more fun, more free to mix it up. Just whatever I’m dwelling on at the moment. Hope you all have as much fun with it as I do.

It seems like the celebrity coverage of lupus has been abnormally high these days… first there was the discussion of Michael Jackson’s discoid lupus in the aftermath of his death… then there was all the “does Lady Gaga have lupus?!?!” debating… and now we are hearing from Snoop Dogg about his daughter Cori’s lupus diagnosis.

In the midst of the Lady Gaga business was the discontent about what information was being gleaned from her comments – “is it accurate?” “Is it what we want someone to be saying?” “Well, at least we can use the awareness, right?”

Well, it seems that Snoop Dogg has that whole awareness thing well within his sights. He’s been all over the airwaves raising awareness these days. People ran an article. Then he was interviewed on The View (see YouTube clip). His wife, Shante, has joined Lupus LA.

In the midst of the discussion of Cori’s symptoms and the battle to find the right medication regimen for her (sound familiar, anyone?) … we hear about how Chante thinks they never could have made it through the battle without each other (having receonciled just before the diagnosis) … but this quote hit me hardest:

“That’s what’s making her get better: that we have love in the house.” -Snoop Dogg, on “The View”

Now theories of the best cures abound… and I don’t want this post to turn into a discussion of alternative medicines. So let’s just focus on the love part, shall we?

I know that not everyone has a very understanding family. Still, understanding and supportive are different things. You can be supportive of someone’s needs without understanding why they need those things or what they are experiencing.

For me, a little love goes a long way. Love from my sister and my parents, yes, but also love from my friends (even if they aren’t in the house). I couldn’t manage without it. So here is my question, readers: whose love do YOU rely on?



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5 responses to “Sunday Breakfast Club: Snoop Dogg talks about his daughter Cori having lupus

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  2. My mum’s, basically, and a really close friend’s support if I’m well enough to see her. My younger brother (he’s 13) doesn’t understand pain, exhaustion, insomnia, etc. and my father doesn’t care.

    I know that stress makes my illnesses worse, and I’m under a lot of stress right now. I really can’t say if love helps, but I know that people understanding helps. It’s so tiring and frustrating to have to say to people: “No, it can’t be cured by vitamins/ice baths/ECT/other crazy theory.” Or: “It’s not all in my head.” Of course, I have to say this a lot: “I’m not faking it, and I’m not an attention seeking hypochondriac!”

    Care and, above all, understanding both go a long way for me. Hope you’re okay. =)

  3. aahh…love of the family and friends….cudn’t do without it…it helps a great deal in recovering as well as retaining sanity!!

    P.S.: Great to see you back with ‘Sunday Breakfast Club’ 🙂

  4. KL

    I definitely rely on my mom and my friends a LOT. I put my boyfriend in the same category as my friends because he struggles with getting overwhelmed and so sometimes I try to spread out my need for support to other people and not just him. My mom gets a huge majority of that need, but she also understands pretty well since she struggles with some chronic issues herself.

  5. glad to hear close friends and family are agreed upon!

    @Alex: i agree on the frustrating. repeating over and over!
    @Shweta: hi babe! yup at least once in awhile it’s back. glad to know someone was so excited to see it back! 🙂
    @KL: it must really help to have a mom who understands first hand (even though i’m so sorry that she has to suffer them)

    thanks for the comments, ladies!

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