Holistic M.D. Appointment

So my parents have been after me for months to see this holistic MD that is treating a family friend. Unfortunately, he wasn’t taking new patients. I called for an appointment sometime in early January. They told me his next appointment would be in August. Finally, our friend helped us to get an appointment.

This doctor is focusing on cross-cultural medicine and integrative medicine. I was told that he has a big focus on gastrointestinal bacteria and knew a lot about Eastern medicine. I was assured that he won’t take my off any of my allopathic medicines. (I told my parent’s I don’t mind any additional treatments, but I’m not comfortable with stopping the allopathic meds.)

I will be the first to admit that I went into the appointment rather sceptical, but willing to listen to what he had to say. The appointment went on for 1.5 hours!! He asked A LOT of questions – most of them about the puking that’s been plaguing me and my GI system in general.

Then he gave me some tests to take at home. Now, peeing into a cup and pipetting that into some test tubes is truly not too bad….. but pooping into a bucket, scooping that into a tube… and then, as if that wasn’t gross enough, stirring and shaking that tube. Three days in a row. Yuck and double yuck.

Still, I did what I was told and mailed the specimens into the lab somewhere in the North Carolina. It will take awhile to hear back though, so I guess we’ll see what he has to say when he gets the results… that’s probably when things will get interesting.

In the meantime, he has sent me for an Ayurvedic consult.

Has anyone else seen a holistic MD?? Thoughts? Experiences? Advice?



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4 responses to “Holistic M.D. Appointment

  1. margaretromero

    Awesome! Loved that you are allowing another approach into your life. I’m an integrative practitioner and gut health is by far the most essential aspect for anyone especially ones with autoimmune disorder. I struggled with my own health issues and for me gluten was the culprit, today i live life painless and feel fabulous!

  2. Lupus is such an odd disease. You have to be open to different approach. I was in pain in my leg, traditional doctors gave me so many reason why I had to live with the pain.

    I went to a Chinese accupunturist in one visit the pain is gone and never return. She told me to change my diet and gave me some stretches. I had the pain 5 years. I support nontraditional medicine in some cases.

  3. @margaretromero I’m not sure that it’s going to take away all my pain, but any small relief is worth it these days. glad to hear it helped you so much!

    @sistergirl i tried acupuncture in the past, but i havent tried it lately. i wouldn’t say that all my pain went away, but more like it helped take the edge off a bit. glad to hear you were able to get your pain under control.

  4. Tricia

    I see a Chinese Medicine Specialist. We have done acupuncture and it has worked wonders for my fatigue. She has also given me some homeopathic medications and put me on a gluten-free diet (I am already dairy-free). So far its working. Not as fast as I would like it but I think it helps.

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